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"We were in pure hell trying to learn code from scratch and code our way out of a scripting quagmire. Then we hired Rick [at Image 7]. He wrote scripts so fast before we knew it he was done and our formerly cumbersome manual process was automated. I'd hire him again any time."

Jim Norton, IS Manager, Applied Tech

"I am thoroughly pleased with my new tool, and have been outspoken about it to my friends ever since we installed the solution. Terrific concept, and adaptable to your own personal front office situation. Congratulations to the creator's of the program (Image 7). In my small opinion, you did a wonderful job."

David Watterdale, Indiana, USA


"I have no problems to report. I just thought you should know that I think your software is outstanding and getting better all the time. Keep up the good work. Thank you."

David R. Brickley, Georgia, USA

"Without the extra effort from the guys at Image 7 we would not have been up and running with our Warehouse Automation project. Our internal IT staff was either unwilling or just too busy to make this thing work. The solution was meant to be a prototype and worked so well we adapted it in the field and it still works today as implemented, great job. "

Joe Nichols, Ops Manager, NCR