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Web Site Optimization & Marketing


Let Image 7 optimize your web site for download speed, keyword matching, and search engines. It is the unseen code behind a web page that determines how well and how quickly search engines list your site. Don’t forget the actual content of the site and how it is offered to the visitor. We can take the confusion out of optimization for you and smooth out your site. This will position you for your marketing efforts and help to reap the most bang for your buck.

We will optimize your site for:

  • Download speed ( 45% of the nation is still on dial-up, according to
  • Search engine bots / spiders
  • Keyword / Content matching
  • Correct display of content


Getting your web site in front of the correct client is very important if you are going to fulfill your goals. Image 7 can help you make that important connection. Internet marketing is just a piece of the advertising puzzle, there is also, print, radio and TV. We will study your current marketing plan and use your web site to compliment your efforts.

Image 7 currently has client's using the 1-2-3 punch method of marketing, who experience nearly 50% of their customers referred to their retail stores from the internet. The same techniques can be modified for use with completely internet driven businesses.

Our marketing plans will:

  • Give you control over your budget
  • Support your other marketing efforts taking place off the internet
  • Provide regular stats of how your marketing campaign is working
  • Let you measure your success