Inflatable Tube Man 18″ Regular Blower (For 14ft / 20ft)


Make your inflatables dance with inflatable tube man 18 regular blowerBreathe life in your inflatable tube man with our Inflatable Tube Man 18 Regular Blower.Whether you’re trying to bring the attention of people to your business, retail shop, exhibition camp, sales event, or any public or private event, our inflatable tube man 18 regular blower will keep your large 20ft advertising inflatables up and running for seasons to come. Here at Bannerbuzz, we have a smart range of electric fan air blowers with varying diameters to get your inflatables to stand high above the ground, including 18 inches blowers. Depending on what size of inflatable you use, we have a solution for everyone. Our 18” diameter air blower fits all brands of 20ft inflatables. This is a perfect mix of power, quality and durability. Our blowers can help your inflatables keep up with attention-grabbing movements at its best.    The electric motor connected to the inner wall of the blower is powerful enough to get your inflatables to keep advertising throughout the day when inflated at its fullest capacity. The air blower contains an electric motor of 1hp capable of producing 110v/60hz power. An array of sharp, curve-shaped metallic blades arranged in a unique order moves accordingly to provide maximum traction and ensure a steady airflow. This allows air blower to work smooth and last for years without making any noise disturbances. This helps in maintaining a quiet, peaceful environment at the venue while promoting your brands and products. Air Blowers with 18” diameter comes in black color.Air blower makes up the most important part of your inflatable advertising campaign. Our heavy-duty type of blower with electric fan sealed inside a cylindrical metal canister is designed for quick air circulation in arms, body and head of your inflatable tube man. The air discharged from the blower moves swiftly through the body, keeps rotating inside for a few seconds, thus, creating a tension into the fabric before finally, ejecting from arms with a sudden thrust. This feels like your inflatable tube man is alive and breathing. They are easy to use and attach with the bottom fabric of your inflatables without having any need for professional assistance. Just plug in the device to a nearby power socket and get your inflatable tube man start moving crazily within a second. Make sure to have an uninterrupted flow of electricity to make a lasting impression. This air blower will make your inflatables create an impression that is hard to miss for pedestrian traffic passing by your business premises. With hundreds of units sold to our respected customers, our inflatable tube man 18 regular blower is a battle-proven product that anyone can have faith upon and they were quality certified after going through a series of complex quality tests. With a 3-speed fan regulator, you can maintain the traction of air blower, save electricity, and get your inflatable change movements accordingly to attract customers. They are not weather resistant, so get them back inside when you feel there could be rain. Not intended to use in rain and damp conditions.

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Get your 20ft Inflatables ready to attract public attention and get it inflated at its fullest capacity within seconds with our Inflatable Tube Man 18 Regular Blower Purchase  Inflatable Tube Man 18″ Regular Blower (For 14ft / 20ft) from through links and I may receive a commission. Get  Inflatable Tube Man 18″ Regular Blower (For 14ft / 20ft) today.Click BUY NOW.