All About Coronavirus Disease Straight Pillow Case Backdrop


A Pre-printed straight pillowcase backdrop that tells all about coronavirus diseaseThis is a very quick and convenient advertising tool to spread the information about the current pandemic. Our pre-designed and pre-printed all-about-coronavirus-disease-straight-pillowcase backdrop is one of the best large format display solutions that is perfect for hospital/clinic signs. However, this informative backdrop can be used as an advertising display at schools, events, shopping centers, or any other public place.The frame snaps together in minutes, giving you a ready-to-use backdrop that has detailed information about :How COVID-19 spreadsIts symptomsPrevention methodsComplications due to CoronaAnd what to do in case you suspect symptoms of the infectionAs this straight backdrop is pre-printed, it cannot be personalized any further. However, the choice of adding graphic, hardware, and size dimensions is flexible.Here’s how to set-up your coronavirus straight pillowcase backdropThe complete package will include printed backdrop, corner connectors, frame, and base panels. The installation of this display backdrop is extremely easy. Here are a few easy steps you can follow to set it up in minutes:Start by joining the connected pieces of the frame by inserting them into one another.Layout the entire frame on the ground as you keep connecting the poles to each other.Use the middle pole to finally connect the top and bottom of the frame.To attach the corner connectors, use the hex key to remove the screw. Then attach the base panels on both the side poles.Apply the graphic by sliding down from both the side poles.Use the zipper sewn at the bottom to close the graphic.Once complete, you will have a beautiful and high-quality printed COVID-19 backdrop ready to be displayed in minutes. The colors, design, and use of images & text makes the information easy to grasp. The premium print quality ensures bold and clear graphic quality.If you have been looking for one such advertising solution to make your workplace, business space, or community safe from this deadly pandemic. Then, now’s the time to act and place your order. To understand the care instructions, please check the product specifications tab. To find more COVID-19 display solutions, check our safety signages now.

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