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Sizzix Bigz Die Set – Train

Sizzix Bigz Die Set - Train 4 die set

Sizzix Bigz Die Set Overview

With steel-rule construction, a Bigz dies cleanly cuts thick materials, including cardstock, chipboard, fabric, foam, magnet, leather, metallic foil, paper and sandpaper (in limited use). Its wider size offers you more design options. Get your Sizzix Bigz Die Set – Train 4 die set here.

This die is designed for use only with the BIGkick, Big Shot and Vagabond machines and requires the use of a pair of Cutting Pads. Purchase Sizzix Bigz Die Set – Train (4 Die Set) from Sizzix through my links and I earn a commission that will support this site. Find all your Sizzix Shape-Cutting, Ellison Shape-Cutting Decorative Shapes here. Get Sizzix Bigz Die Set – Train (4 Die Set) today.

With steel-rule construction, a Bigz dies cleanly cuts thick materials, including cardstock, chipboard, fabric, foam, magnet, leather, metallic foil, paper and sandpaper (in limited use). Its wider size offers you more design options. This die is designed for use only with the BIGkick, Big Shot and Vagabond machines and requires the use of a pair of Cutting Pads.


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Sizzix Bigz Die Set – 3-D Wild Animals

Sizzix Bigz Die Set - 3-D Wild Animals
Sizzix Bigz Die Set – 3-D Wild Animals
Add adorable animal shapes to your crafts with this die set Sizzix Bigz Die Set – 3-D Wild Animals. The one thing you need to be aware of is that the name is not misleading; Bigz dies are huge! That means you need to make sure your machine is big enough to handle its dimensions.

About Bigz Dies

Make your projects easier with Sizzix Bigz dies. Create detailed designs with just one enormous die with the Bigz collection. Not all Bigz dies are created equal. Be sure that your cutting/embossing machine is large enough to match these Bigz dies, especially the Bigz XL. it's not for everybody!

Types of Bigz Dies

Bigz start at 5-1/2″ x 6″ and range greatly in size, including 6″ x 8-3/4″, 6″ x 13-3/4″, and even 12″ x 12-3/4″. Sizzix dies are made with incredible quality, and Sizzix Bigz dies to use steel-rule blades for precise cuts.

  • Typically, regular Bigz dies require just a pair of cutting pads and a Big Shot or Vagabond machines (or any compatible machine) with the standard platform to cut.
  • Bigz L dies are much like the standard Bigz, except that you will need a crease pad to make the project.
  • The Bigz XL dies work in very much the same way as regular Bigz, with the exception that you need extended cutting pads. Just be sure to pay special attention to the dimensions of your dies and their requirements in terms of Sizzix accessories so that you don't accidentally order something you can't use.

Sizzix Bigz dies are designed by some of your favorite, creative minds, like Brenda Walton, Tim Holtz, Echo Park Paper Co., Lori Whitlock, and more!

How to Cut with Bigz

Make a sandwich using two cutting pads (as the bread), material, and your die. Run it through your Sizzix machine, maybe a couple of times to ensure a complete cut, and then open up the sandwich to reveal the die cut shape or phrase.

Buy Sizzix Bigz Dies Online

You will love the way your projects turn out. If you have any trouble finding the right Sizzix Bigz dies, please contact us. We will help you find what you need. Save with on all the best Sizzix supplies.

Multi-Tool Starter Kit

The right job needs the right tool. The Sizzix Multi-Tool Starter Kit is a dual handle set that features an all-purpose handle that works with hard materials and a precision handle that works with delicate materials for more intricate techniques. Oh, and there’s plenty of interchangeable heads still to come!

Made with Love

It’s a giving thing! The Made with Love collection by Lori Whitlock generously captures all the beautiful, heartfelt details for celebrations, gift-giving, party planning and more. With Lori’s joyful designs, it’s perfectly easy to personalize adorable boxes, bags, tags and cards that are sure to delight any recipient.

Book Club

Turn the page to creativity! Book Club – Chapter 2 by Eileen Hull continues Eileen’s popular collection of bookbinding and journaling designs. Experience a stylish selection of dies to embellish the new Wrapped Journal, as well as Journaling Cards to create as positive or negative die-cuts for more creative possibilities.

Celebrating Life

Make every day special! The Celebrating Life die-cutting and embossing collection by Luisa Elena Guillén-K. picks up where her previous collection left off with all-new sentiments and designs. Celebrate even more with steel-rule dies in fun themes for gift-giving, party décor, and travel and large-scale embossing for bigger, bolder impressions.

DIY Kits

Pre-cut for your creative convenience, our DIY Kits feature everything you need to put together your own creative masterpiece. Whether it’s a Mini Album, Mini Cards or Traveler’s Notebook Embellishments, all the pieces are here to make it easier than ever to be uniquely creative!

Envelope Liners

Ready to push the creative envelope? Sizzix Envelope Liners by Katelyn Lizardi let you create custom envelope liners for the perfect finishing touches to your messaging. From peek-a-boo greetings and DIY confetti to fun sentiments and accents to embellish A2 and A7 Kraft envelopes, this collection delivers!

Bigz™ by Sizzix Designers

Bigz is better than ever! Our newest selection of 2-D and 3-D designs offer popular home décor and party themes to cut everything from cardstock to fabric. From a beautiful Barrel Cactus and trending Emojis to a charming Llama and DIY Washi Tape Box, this collection is a Bigz deal!

Elegant Embossing by Sizzix Designers

Tantalized by texture? Our Elegant Embossing collection features all-new 3-D Embossing Folders for our most vivid, all-over natural patterns yet. Plus, our new Impresslits™ cut and emboss in just one step and are perfect for shaker cards with most including sentiment and/or sequins die to match the folder theme.
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Learn painting with oils and acrylics

Learn & Master Painting brings out the inner-artist in you! Learn & Master Painting is the by far the world's best DVD-based course available to learn to paint with oils and acrylics.

Learn & Master Painting is the best home instruction course available to learn to paint with oils and acrylics. Master artist, Gayle Levee, has designed interactive lessons to provide you with a solid, comprehensive foundation for your own artwork. Learn & Master Painting consists of 20 professionally produced DVDs, 3 Music CDs (to listen to while you paint), a thorough Lesson Book with supplemental information, and access to a free online student support site. Please note that I do not receive this product or any others in exchange for this article, I do get a commission for readers clicking the buy now links which helps to differ the cost of hosting this blog and I sincerely hope this article site helps you with your search for Learn and Paint products. It is the only instructional package you’ll ever need on your journey toward painting mastery and to seeing the world through the eyes of an artist. All you need is the desire to create incredible works of art! See all offerings at the store.

From the onset, learning how to paint can seem like an overwhelming endeavor. But when you study with Gayle Levée she’ll walk you through step-by-step video instruction, taking you from any skill level—even if you’re a total novice—to painting with advanced techniques used by professional painters. You’ll learn how to make your paintings look realistic and believable. Gayle will teach you how to setup your studio, properly care for your materials, choose colors to best communicate your theme, and how to develop your compositions and draw objects in perspective. You’ll learn all the foundational painting skills you’ll need to become an accomplished artist.

By the end of the course, you’ll understand how to get the illusion of depth and distance in a painting and you’ll be amazed at how you are able to record your experiences and the world around you in your paintings. You’ll complete several paintings—together with Gayle—from start to finish and discover a whole new way to create!

Not a beginner? That’s ok. Just review the basics (you might be surprised what you don’t know) and jump into the more advanced training on perspective and color theory. Many classical and formal training programs don’t include the information you’ll learn here.

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Get Your Wine of the Month Club™ Membership

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Canvas On Demand for your photos direct to canvas Turn Your Digital Photos Into Canvas Art For Your Walls. Click here!

Unlimited Canvas Prints: $23.40 Each

Give everyone on your list the gift of sweet memories this holiday season with personalized, handcrafted 16″ x 20″ Premium Canvas Prints on sale for just $23.40 each. Enjoy unlimited quantities! I include affiliate links within this post to support the maintenance and development of this site.


NEW! Premium
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Meet our latest canvas product innovation. OurCanvas Prints Premium
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warp-resistant construction, an enclosed back,
and an extended 2 Year Warranty.

The future of canvas prints is here.

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Artwork email and Social Media

How are you making use of your email list? Sending out a monthly newsletter is great, but if that’s all you’re sending out, you may be missing out on a lot of sales. While social media is awesome, your email list is still the most powerful tool you have for marketing.

What gives your mailing list more potential power than, say, a paid Facebook ad? The answer is that if people are receiving your emails, it means they signed up to your list. That’s essentially them raising their hand and saying “Yes, I like your stuff and I WANT to hear from you!” Social media ads can be a powerful tool, but there is a lot of guesswork and refining involved in getting it “right”. Your email list is a perfectly curated list of people who have already expressed their interest in your work and the desire to hear from you again. So if you can figure out the most effective way to communicate with those people, you have a seriously great opportunity on your hands to forge good relationships with them and ultimately sell more art.

Why the Email Newsletter is Failing You

You may object to this- “but I DO send out emails to my list! I send a bi-monthly newsletter with pictures of what I’m working on and a list of events where people can see my art!”
This is great! But let’s step back and imagine receiving this information via snail mail. When you receive a newsletter from an organization, what do you do with it? You may scan it for interesting info and look at the pictures. But then? Into the recycling it goes. This is likely so even if the newsletter has a place at the back for your to order a product, send in a donation, or sign up for an event. There is just no appeal. You don’t feel a real need or a sense of urgency to take action.

An email marketing campaign is different from a newsletter: it’s typically sent in a series of emails over intervals of days or weeks, and these emails are usually linked together by a common theme- often the marketer will choose to tell a continuing story that doesn’t conclude until the last email. The key elements you need in order to get started crafting your own campaign?

Research effective tactics by signing up for email lists: Sign up for some email lists (they don’t have to be other artists’ lists, but if you know of some artists doing well selling their art online it doesn’t hurt to take a peek at what they’re doing!) and take notes on the emails you receive. Note the frequency, the intervals between emails, and the way they write. You’ll probably notice that they normally write in a very conversational tone- more conversational than a standard blog post. They may leave you with a cliffhanger, or really “buddy up” to you in these emails and make it feel like they’re sharing intimate secrets. Take note of how this makes you feel, because they’re doing it on purpose!

Get in-depth teaching on writing and setting up email sequences: How to Sell Your Art Online 201 is a course all about sales funnels and email marketing for artists. Learn more and sign up for the course here.