Blue Inflatable Tube Man


An Offbeat Tool that will make it hard for them to walk past without noticingYour search for the most enticing advertising tool ends here with this inflatable tube man. This high-quality vibrant Air Inflatable Dancer allows for your business to garner all the required attention without doing much. All it does is wiggles, dances, smiles and makes everyone happy. These digitally printed sky dancers are hard to ignore because they are constantly flapping their arms and waving. They can add an interactive element to your store, business space, gas stations, sidewalks, etc. This Air Tube Dancer’s functionality is completely controlled by a blower that is attached to the bottom. The blower pumps in the air, which causes the wiggly, wavy motion of this Air Powered Tube Man. These pre-printed and ready to ship Solid Color Inflatable Tube Men can be customized based on the size, blower diameter, and material quality. When installed outdoors, every advertising product needs to be sturdy enough to withstand external elements. So, we offer you an easy option to choose weather-resistant material, which will ensure that your sky dancer is capable of resisting different outdoor elements. Pick Your Preferred Size and Blower DiameterAt BannerBuzz, we pride ourselves in making the ordering process personal to every customer. So, we offer you multiple heights and blower diameter options. With these air tube dancers standing as high as 6ft / 10ft / 20ft tall when inflated, you get a choice of three different heights. Based on your installation needs, pick the most preferable height and blower diameter, which is available in 9 in / 12 in / 18 in respectively. Get your hands on this Blue Air Tube Dancer and enjoy the premium quality of high strength polyamide nylon silk w/ added tarpaulin at a very economical price. This flexible rip-proof product will definitely add an upbeat vibe to your business marketing efforts. 

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Order Blue Inflatable Tube Man and attract everyone with this bright colored wiggling, smiling Air Tube Dancer. Works best for commercial/outdoor use at Purchase Blue Inflatable Tube Man from through links and I may receive a commission. Get Blue Inflatable Tube Man today.Click BUY NOW.