Canopy Tent Travel Bag with Wheels


Fully-equipped Canopy Tent Travel BagThis Travel Tent Bag qualifies all the checkpoints of a full-featured canopy tent bag. It is equipped with two wheels and a pull handle and is fit for a 10ft Casita frame. This easy-to-transport tent bag is designed in a way that ensures that the tent is perfectly tucked in, which also controls any kind of damage while transportation. Everything from the quick pull-up handles to the multiway rotating wheels to every other feature is meant to make our canopy tent travel bag worth your every penny.Here's a comprehensive list of all the features:Compact size – The compact size of the traveling tent ensures portabilityFine zip lock – The ziplock is meant for quick accessibilityMultiway rotational wheels- Ensures quick transportation to any event, tradeshow, exhibition, etc.Moderately priced- Best price guarantee to enhance your ordering experienceSafe storage- Store and save your canopy tent from all external elements when not in use.Waterproof- Made of high-quality waterproof material to save your canopy from rain and other liquid spillages.Lightweight yet durable- Ensures convenient storage/transportation and endurance.Pick Your Perfect Travel Tent Bag dimensionsBannerBuzz travel tent bag, which is pre-equipped with tons of features like waterproof finish fabric, can be further chosen on the basis of your requirements. To get a perfect protective solution for your canopy, you can choose the most relevant bag size. Picking the right bag size will keep away your canopy from travel damage and dirt. We offer 10×10 Ft and 20×10 Ft ready to ship travel tent bags. For both the dimensions, the canopy tent bag comes with wheels. To understand the net weight, packing size, and other detailed specifications, please refer to the product specifications tab.Order online or contact us to get your canopy tent today!

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