Food Labels


There's more to food than just taste – it's an opportunity to create long lasting impressions on your customers' minds and make your brand stand out from the rest on the shelf. Food stickers aren't just information placeholders, they also convey the essence of your brand. Our labels for food are customized especially for your food product to encourage prospective customers into purchasing your product.Print relevant information on our food labels and even write on them for extra personalization, with ballpoint pens or permanent markers. Customize our stickers by size, shape and color to suit your product requirements.Made with paper stickers, our food stickers are available in:Gloss finish which features a refined & shiny surface. Add information like nutritional value, food standards, logos, tagline, etc., on custom food stickers and differentiate your product on the crowded retail racks.Matte finish personalized beverage stickers come with a non-reflective surface, giving them a sophisticated look that immediately grabs eyeballs.These personalized beverage labels are printed using an adhesive paper that adds to the longevity of the label and thus, ensures longer exposure for your brand. Available in rectangular, and square shapes, choose our food labels to make your product easily noticeable, and make your brand stand out.

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Browse from dozens of pre-designed food label templates. We also design custom food labels for your own product. Purchase Food Labels from through links and I may receive a commission. Get Food Labels today.Click BUY NOW.