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Frosted Acrylic Signs – An incredible way to showcase brand name & other initialsOne of the vibrant and decorative signage solutions is here for your business space. Designed from frosted cast acrylic with a matte finish; this acrylic sign comes as highly eye-catching and an elegant one for your office or store. Cast acrylic is a glass-like material or glass substitute that holds better durability than glass and thus proffers perfect professional signage for showcasing your brand name. Frosted acrylic signs come with a translucent and semi-opaque background that ensures higher visibility and attention on the details printed and blocking the view at the back. Frost backing is known for its opaqueness as it perfectly highlights the printed message, logo displays, and alike graphics only. The perfect finishing touch with customized featureGet them customized as per the needed size and graphics with our online design feature to display them at both indoors or outdoors of corporate office, clothing store, grocery megastore, and other commercial spaces. We bring you two interesting ways to finalize the graphics for the acrylic signs. Either you can design the artwork online by selecting images and designs from the clipart and template section. Add brand name and other required texts to come up with aspired creatives. Or, upload the artwork to our free online design studio where you’ll experience prompt selection and order placement. But make sure you only use free downloadable or copyright-free images for your frosted acrylic sign. Get the frosted or clear acrylic signs personalized to not only display the brand initials at the storefront or entryway of your office but use them for displaying other departments of the workspace. Design them for guiding visitors in various directions, departments in hospitals, meeting rooms in offices, shopping areas at the mall, and so on.Mounting options are available to offer you the quickest installation, no matter you would like to display the signs outdoors or within the office premises. Mounting holes at all the four corners or left and right, and followed by other options can be selected for your acrylic signage.You can include a hanging kit to your purchase for the quick installation of the frosted sign. The kit comprises of four sleek, brushed silver standoffs that are robust and secure for acrylic sheet, PVC foam board and so on. For the 9 Sqft. signs, we provide extra standoffs. The perfect blend of silver standoffs and frost acrylic sheet turns the grace, quality, and overall look of the brand signage to extreme levels of attention. If you’re searching for more frosted or other display options, you will love our frosted lettering option, cut-out frosted decals, and many more. Contact us, if in case you have a query. We’re here to assist you 24×7.

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Custom Frosted Acrylic Signs are known for their attractive look and semi-opaque feature. Buy in custom sizes, designs for displaying the brand name, directions, and more. Purchase Frosted Acrylic Signs from through links and I may receive a commission. Get Frosted Acrylic Signs today.Click BUY NOW.