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Beat the Sun with Custom Vinyl Poster and Matte Banner Printing OnlineYour outdoor advertising is a special part of your marketing budget. It gets your message across year-round without constant additional costs. Unless, of course, you purchase inferior banners and posters. Or the wrong kind. We're here to make sure neither of those things happens with our custom vinyl banner printing. Our custom matte vinyl banners and posters deliver the high-quality specialty printing you need. Matte banners absorb rather reflect sunlight as a glossy banner does. So, no matter the intensity of the sun's rays, no matter the time of day, your custom banner or poster's vibrant colors and beautiful graphics will look the same. Each of our special vinyl banners and posters includes these amazing features:Available in 16-ounce weight optionsHigh strength for long-lasting outdoor/indoor useFree hem, pockets, and grommet optionsDon't Skimp on Your Custom PrintingYou want your custom poster printing to be cheap. What you don't want is cheap poster printing. Understand? Save money but still get the high-quality custom poster printing you expect. Are you thinking, “Where can I find banner printing near me?” Our state-of-the-art printing technology delivers the dynamic, vibrant color range expected, at the price point you need, anywhere in the world. So we're always near you. Simply use our easy customization tool to design your banner or poster just how you want it. As per our usual high standards, our matte products' features are outstanding:High-quality PVC flexFull color, 720DPI Eco-Solvent printingEasy to clean with a soft, damp clothOrder now. Use one of our templates or design your banners or posters yourself and we'll ship them right to your door, anywhere in the world, however you want it shipped.Matte Banners: Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat is the difference between matte and gloss finish/material?Matte banner holds the no-glare feature that makes it visible under sharp light or on a bright sunny day. Banners possessing gloss finish appear to be attractive but are difficult to read or view when displayed outdoors or radiant by light. Are they preferred for indoor celebrations or events?Yes, absolutely. Matte banners serve a great purpose for both outdoor and indoor events. Add them to your checklist for upcoming press conferences, exhibitions, festive occasions, birthday bashes, anniversaries, and more. What are the wind flaps? How are they going to impact my banner's performance? We deliver high-quality PVC flex banners with wind flaps. Wind flaps are half cut circles on the banners to allow the wind to pass through without damaging them. They add sheer perfection, longevity to your banner, and a great choice for windy locations. What is your expected delivery time?We provide a 4 to 10-day shipping according to the geographical conditions and distance. This specified timeframe is from the time of approval including production and shipping.Please Note: There may be a delay in shipping services due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic.Can I get my designs printed on matte banners? Yes, you'll be assisted with our online customization tool or the design studio to fix all your graphics worries. There are options like:Upload the artwork online if you have stored the designs on your desktopDesign it online This is possible with the help of our online design tool and various specifications that allow you to perform desired changes to design the graphics for your matte banner.Pick an image from the templates available, do the customized changes, add the promotional content, and your banner is all set for the order placement.The above-mentioned steps are easy-to-follow and make the custom amendments to your required display tool. Do you use some different printing ink, or is it similar to the glossy banner?Full-color, 720 DPI, eco-solvent prints have been implemented to come up with lasting and attention-grabbing graphics. Similar printing technique and ink quality are being applied for both matte and gloss vinyl banners. Gloss or matte finishing is the feature that sets them apart in appearance and visibility aspects. Banners with matte finish stay unaffected from glares of light without hindering the perceptibility for the viewers and customers.I need 96 x 120 inches' banner. Are you providing different sizes or one standard size?Size is never a constraint with BannerBuzz. We provide custom sizes in matte banners. This sized banner 96 x 120 inches and other particular sizes can be customized. All you need to do is specify the required dimensions (in inches or ft.) of the banner in the size column on the product page. We have provided pre-defined sizes listed as well as the custom size option is available.What are the best ways to hang matte banners? Do you provide accessories for support?You can display your banners at any space or location with the help of varied hanging options. Metal grommets, ultra-strong adhesive tabs, pole pockets for top & bottom, left & right, and other options are available to provide you with the best display experience. These hanging options add utmost durability and lasting display quality to the banner, no matter you display them at a windy location too. Additional Optional Accessories:BannerBuzz welcomes its customers with every possible requirement. We provide additional accessories for a more feasible and durable stay, be it on poles, walls, and other spaces. Pick the required accessory at a nominal charge only Zip ties, bungees, nylon rope, banner clips, skyhooks, pole brackets, and wall brackets.Any current discount or sale offers available on matte banners?We provide bulk quantity discounts for your bulk orders or the requirement of more than two banners. Explore the bulk quantity discount tab/option on the product page where you'll be guided on various discount slabs according to the quantities needed. Moreover, to beat your budget constraints, we are providing free shipping for all orders. What are the different purposes of matte banners?Custom matte banners come with a versatile range of options to be displayed at birthday parties, grand announcement events, tradeshows and conferences, parades, sports events at universities & schools, outdoor advertising, anniversaries, reunions, city events, festivals, holidays, church events, charitable events, and so much more.

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