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SmugMug Black Friday Sale


Smug Mug Black Friday Sale

Start Your 14 day Trial With SmugMug

Do you want unlimited photo storage that comes with a secure way to backup and display your photos? Then SmugMug is for you!

The SmugMug Black Friday sale has ended, however, you can try them free for 14 days by clicking here .

In addition to the unlimited photo storage and sharing options, you can also create a professional portfolio to display your work privately or publicly. If you choose a Portfolio or Pro level account you’ll be able to sell prints and set your own margins to turn your photo website into a money-making machine.

It’s free to try SmugMug and there is no credit card required for the 14-day trial, so click here and don’t miss your opportunity to save 40% on your new account if you decide to purchase.



Perhaps you have heard of websites for photographers, the platform I like is SmugMug. The platform has been around since 2002. SmugMug acts as an online gallery space, letting you display your photos with an easy and intuitive interface and it is very cost-effective. I have been using SmugMug exclusively for several years, and I have grown very familiar with its range of tools and capabilities. In general, I have been very impressed by SmugMug; for this article, I will cover some of its main uses and features, as well as the positives and negatives of using SmugMug to host your online gallery, and present you an offer to try it for 14 days free, really Free!


  • Beautifully-designed, mobile-responsive portfolio templates
  • Quick and easy to get started – get your site live in under an hour
  • Wide range of eCommerce options for selling your photos


  • Fewer templates than rival website builders
  • Customization tools aren’t intuitive

If you strike it lucky when choosing photos to fit the default template, and it all looks great the first time, then you can have your first gallery published in minutes.

Get started with SmugMug today

Get Started With Smug Mug

SmugMug, like so many other websites, includes so many options, it takes some time to understand. Not all of the features are intuitive, and you may spend more time learning it than you want, but it is worth it.

It took me a few months of using SmugMug before I realized that my galleries were not laid out the best way for navigation. This seems like a minor issue, but it was making it more difficult for viewers to navigate the website. Changing this took quite a bit of effort, but by reading the tutorials it can be fixed.

However, for the most basic edits, SmugMug is about as simple as it could be. Loading photos to your galleries – and even creating new galleries – is an intuitive process, and you should be able to have a half-working site within a few hours of purchasing an account. This isn’t to say that you can make a high-quality website without much effort, but simply that you can set the basics fairly quickly.


SmugMug is an excellent choice of portfolio photo storage and presenting website, whether you’re starting out in digital photography or ready to launch a scalable online business. Its curated range of portfolio templates is small but perfectly formed, and its e-commerce options are superb. You can sell your photos as prints or digital downloads, and even have them gift-wrapped – depending on the price plan you choose. SmugMug has a function to do two things well: to make your photos look incredible and to help you sell them.



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