Adjustable Screen Sneeze Shield


Safeguard Patrons and Staff with Adjustable Screen Sneeze ShieldsAmend restaurants, café, or any other form of eateries with smart and effective safety products. Installation of adjustable screen sneeze shields at the sitting area of your restaurant or coffee bar would aid your customers in adhering to the norms of social distancing appropriately. Moving out of the homes during the unlock phase has a lot of queries and confusion among people. Therefore, this is the time when commercial spaces can assure their customers and visitors on the precautionary methods followed for utmost prevention. It further aids the business owners to create an impression of responsible businesses with equipped preventive tools. Safety assurance is one of the vital aspects that bring back the customers each time to your restaurant and other facilities.Amend commercial spaces with performable Screen Shields, Countertop Sneeze GuardsDurability & Convenience:Adjustable screen sneeze shields are the portable yet sturdiest product to be used for the longest time to come.With 580 GSM PVC clear vinyl panel and black coated aluminum poles, the product is highly durable and preventive at the same time.Functionality:The clear panels safeguard the customers against the risk of being infected from the air droplets released through sneezing, interacting, and even coughing.Pole pockets are provided at the top and bottom of the clear panel for quick fixing and displaying to the stand.Ease in Assembling / Set-Up:The sneeze shield is a complete package of safety and quality because of its telescopic legs that come with height and width adjustment.You can adjust the height as and when required. Deploy, and display the screen shield anywhere within the premises of the restaurant.Sizes: Pick the required sizes of the screen sneeze shields from our size option. We have listed a range of sizes to complement your varied business requirements.Bulk Orders Accepted: Buy them in bulk to fulfill the wide-spaced requirement at your facility.Boost your business functioning and performance with our other safety supplies, hanging or countertop sneeze guards, sanitizer dispenser stands, floor-standing sneeze shields, and the list goes on. Feel free to reach us via phone call, e-mail, chat window, or social networks.

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Install Adjustable Screen Sneeze Shields at restaurants, coffee shops, or salons. Safeguard customers from airborne infections. Adjustable heights with telescopic poles. Shop Now! Purchase Adjustable Screen Sneeze Shield from through links and I may receive a commission. Get Adjustable Screen Sneeze Shield today.Click BUY NOW.