All About Coronavirus Disease Roll Up Banner Stands


All about Coronavirus Roll-up banner stands- Inform, educate, and create awarenessBannerbuzz All about Coronavirus Roll-up banner stands contains a whole lot of information about the COVID-19 virus. The frame is an aluminum anodized coated frame that has adjustable spring tension and alignment, plus a 3 piece bungee pole. This retractable stand is available in four different sizes, along comes the flexibility to add amazing pre-printed banner graphics. The banner graphic is made of 280 microns PP (Polypropylene) material. The stand is added by default. Though, you have to add the pre-printed banner graphics manually by setting the Add Banner’ value to YES. This gives you the flexibility to order the frame with or without the graphics. In case you already have a printed banner that would fit this banner stand and you want to order just the stand- please suit yourself. Roll-up or retractable banner stands are one of the most preferred event standees for their portability, durability, and ease-of-use. These stands use a spring mechanism to retract the banner back into the base without any strenuous folding or rolling. It makes it easy to set-up, fold, store, and transport the graphics attached to this type of retractable stand. During these difficult times when every business, workplace, and facility is adopting precautionary measures to stop the spread of the deadly virus, this printed signage can act as a quick, budgeted, and convenient display solution for you.Pre-printed Graphics That Inform All About CoronavirusFor most of our signs and banners, we give you the flexibility to custom design your graphics. However, this is more of a quick safety tool that has detailed information about the COVID-19 pandemic. So, we have pre-designed and printed it with all about coronavirus details so that you have a quick signage solution to inform, educate, and help in stopping the spread of the virus. Constructed from durable Polypropylene material, the banner fabric is lightweight and easy to set up in seconds.To display your All about Coronavirus roll-up banner stand, pull the graphic sheet up to secure it at the top and your banner standee will be ready to be displayed anywhere. The base of the stand is strong and stable enough to maintain its position and bear the weight of the banner display. To wrap-up, simply drag the graphics sheet down and store it in its travel bag. To add a sturdy travel bag to your order, please find it in the accessories section. Our nylon banner cases are weather-proof and great for travel and storage purposes.Get started with your order now and we’ll make sure to deliver safely to your doorstep in the shortest possible time. On placing your order, you will be eligible for FREE SHIPPING as currently, we are offering free shipping on all orders. (Valid only till offer lasts)

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