Countertop Sneeze Guard – Clear Acrylic


Countertop Sneeze Guard- Because Prevention is not just a choice, it’s a necessity! To be able to work safely during and after COVID-19, each one of us needs to take measures that support hygiene and promote social distancing. This countertop sneeze guard is designed to help make face-to-face communications with your clients/visitors/customers safer. The cut-out at the bottom edge is designed to allow easy and quick exchange of money, cards, or products. This sneeze guard will reduce the risk of transmission of any kind of viruses/germs when someone from outside steps into your facility to seek your services. It can be used at banks, pharmacies, gas stations, shopping centers, billing counters, or any other business/workplace that demands face to face communication. It can act as a barrier for all the frontline workers who do not have a choice to stay back home in tough times of a crisis like a global health scare like the Coronavirus. Ordering this tabletop display is quick & easy. Just select your preferred size and add the quantity. We are currently offering a bulk buy discount, which will further allow you to save up to an extra $1000. Now’s the time to act and make your workplace or business space safer for you, your employees, and visitors/customers. 

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Shop durable and portable countertop sneeze guard. Make face-to-face communication and money cards/product exchange safer. Takes minutes to deploy & remove. Learn more and order! Purchase Countertop Sneeze Guard – Clear Acrylic from through links and I may receive a commission. Get Countertop Sneeze Guard – Clear Acrylic today.Click BUY NOW.