Cricut Iron -on Glitter, White


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Cricut® Iron-on Glitter is a decorative heat transfer film that makes apparel and accessories all your own. Whether you’re dressing up a purse or tote, creating fabric wall art, or embellishing an apron, white glitter iron-on is great for adding a cheery sparkle to your DIY projects.  Personalize everything from sports team wear, t-shirts, and jackets to bags, aprons, scarves, and hats. You can even customize home décor items such as pillows, blankets, basket liners, and wall hangings. 

  • One 12″ x 19″ roll Cricut® Iron-on Glitter material in white
  • For use with all Cricut® machines
  • For best results, carefully follow the cutting and application instructions found within the Cricut® Iron-on Glitter packaging.
  • Using the weeding tool found in the Cricut® Tool Kit can make removing negative Cricut® Iron-on film faster and easier.

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