Eagle Inflatable Tube Man Mascot


Eagle Inflatable Tube Man Mascot for every occasionInflatable mascots have become an integral part of theme parks, marketing campaigns, sports events, movies, television shows, brands, schools, local parades, and various festivals. We at Bannerbuzz, have a wide range of Inflatable Tube Man Mascot to help you muster strong customer support from the crowd. Our Eagle Inflatable Tube Man Mascot provides you a direct approach to meet the eyes of viewers. Give feathers to your promotional event with us. They are lightweight and highly durable for outside usage.Whether you are a sports team manager, or just want to show off your business achievements, Eagle inflatable tube man mascots are ideal to promote your events with pride and passion. They are not just air-filled balloons but a highly impactful tool for branding products and services. To attract the majority of viewers, we provide inflatables of all sizes from 6ft man-sized, to massive 10ft and 20ft inflatable, depending on the space you want to cover. If you have a roadside store, then you can easily get the attention of people with a medium-size inflatable but a larger one will bring more customers from every corner, as they are tall and visible for all directions.The material we use to make the perfect eagle inflatable tube man mascot comprises high-strength polyamide nylon silk w/ added tarpaulin. The added tarpaulin gives more flexibility to the fabric, allowing the inflatables to dance and move crazily without getting the fabric ripped off due to continuous air passing. The bottom side is constructed with 600D PVC/Nylon material for extra strength and support. The electric fan air blowers come in 3 different sizes, depending on the size of your inflatables. For example, 6ft inflatable comes with an air blower with diameter of 9 inches, while 10ft and 20ft inflatables come with air blower with diameter of 12 inches and 18 inches respectively. The dye-sublimation printing method we use to print your company message or logos onto the fabric ensures a lifetime visibility without having colors fade away due to regular exposure to UV rays, in near future. The process is principled on infusing the colored ink directly into the fabric, which makes the printed graphics and logo stand out. However, the actual colors may vary from the images shown. They are machine washable with cold water and soap detergent powder. Use only a small amount of mild detergent to avoid discoloring or fading. Dry it by hanging the fabric. Do not use machine dryer. 

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