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COVID-19 Face Shield- High-quality, low-priced Safety solutionThe COVID-19 is still in its full force, yet people are getting back to work and business. Everyone who is going out for work, business, or personal purposes needs protective equipment that ensures high-safety and effectiveness. Face shields are one of the best safety products for slowing down the spread of the pandemic. With an increased demand for medical safety supplies like face masks, PPE kits, etc., we at BannerBuzz take pride in bringing you premium-quality transparent Face Shields at highly affordable prices. You can order them in packs of 5/10/20/30/50/100. Just like the sneeze guard shields for workspaces, these face clear shields also create a physical barrier over the face, offering complete protection from the forehead down to the neck. It is a quick and affordable alternative to expensive medical PPE and can be used by anyone. These shields are constructed from a transparent polyethylene terephthalate visor (PET) sheet with masking. The clear sheet allows full vision display and is very durable. We have designed the face shield with a pre-installed head strip to secure the clear shield in place on the forehead. Once you put it on, it will act as a shield for your entire face, covering everything from the forehead to the neck area. The scratch-proof PET shield is also easy to maintain. These reusable shields for the face can be washed and sanitized each time after use. Also, when worn along with other safety products like masks and gloves, they can be used as a medical safety solution too. NOTE: For medical use, we recommend pairing this shield with other medical grade PPE products to make it completely safe against COVID-19. To extend a quick ordering experience, we are not offering any customization or printing on these ready-to-ship face shields. All you need to do is select the pack based on your needs and add it to the cart. From safe production, safe doorstep delivery, to low-cost and high-quality features- we have got your back during these tough times. For any further queries, please reach out to us now.

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Face shields are a great addition to your safety which provides an extra level of protection compared to regular Face Masks. Order transparent Face shields with complete coverage to Forehead, Eyes, Nose, Mouth & Neck. Purchase Face Shield from BannerBuzz.com through links and I may receive a commission. Get Face Shield today.Click BUY NOW.