Floor Standing Sneeze Shield


PVC Clear Floor standing sneeze shield- A must-have prevention tool for the new normalOur floor standing sneeze shield is a clear PVC shield guard. It can help you create sectioned areas within your retail store, gym, shopping centers, billing counters, office, hospitals, reception areas, waiting rooms, and more. These floor standing guards can be used to create sectioned-off areas within any space to prevent the spread of aerosol viruses between individuals. The shield can also be used to enforce distance between two individuals. This offers you a great solution to ensure social distancing at any premises. Used as a protective partition, it can keep your employees and your customers less prone to different airborne infections. This sneeze guard can be ordered in half-length or full-length based on your needs. You also get a choice to order the guard stand with or w/o the clear panel. The clear PVC clear 580 GSM panel comes with adhesive velcro to attach it with the stand.Ease many concerns with this single floor-standing sneeze shieldBuild a sense of safety within your staff and employees by installing such protective stands and displays at your office/business space. Enforce social distancing regulations at your workplace, retail store, hospital, billing counters, or elsewhere.Create a protective barrier between your employees and your visitors.Help cut down the chances of viruses and infections in any kind of commercial setting. Create divisions between tables, workstations, counters, and more within a small budget.Come across as a responsible office, business space, food outlet, or workspace, which in turn convinces your visitors and prospective customers to spend time and money on your products and services.These sneeze shields are beneficial in many ways to you and your business, regardless of what you sell or offer. So, wait no more, and order these protective floor standing shields now. We promise to deliver them safely at your doorstep in a quick turnaround time. Once received, assemble them quickly and without any hassle by following the Setup Instructions. Please check out the How to set-up tab’ to understand the detailed instructions.

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Shop Floor Standing Sneeze Shield with clear PVC panel and aluminum stand frame. Choice of half-length, full length panels and 4 stand sizes. Free shipping on Cough & Sneeze Shields. Purchase Floor Standing Sneeze Shield from BannerBuzz.com through links and I may receive a commission. Get Floor Standing Sneeze Shield today.Click BUY NOW.