Green Tube


Pre-Designed Green Inflatable Tube Inflatable marketing materials are gaining a grip because of their eco-friendly nature and simple design. These advantages have prompted many businesses to explore the possibilities that inflatable products offer. When we talk about inflatables for sale, inflatable tube man is the first thing that comes to the mind. However, there’s another possibility of inflatables to explore here at BannerBuzz. It’s our Solid Green Tube. This advertising inflatable tube is again an air-supported structure that works best for outdoor advertising. This 10ft high tube features a solid vibrant green color. A perfect solution for store sales and upcoming events/promotions, this inflatable tube is supported by a 12-inch diameter that blows air into it. For now, you can  only order this inflatable advertising tool in one size. This green tube is neither customizable nor can be personalized. This pre-designed inflatable tube is a quick advertising solution to promote any business or sale. Also, this product meets our priority shipping prerequisites, making it a convenient and quick marketing material.Weather Woes Got You Thinking? We’ve Got Your Back!This excellent advertising tool is not just capable of drawing attention to your business space/store. It is also a fully-equipped, all-weather solution. The weather-resistant blower is specially designed to tackle outdoor elements. The high strength polyamide nylon silk w/ added tarpaulin material of this green tube is durable enough to tackle multiple external elements as well. It is also easily washable and reused, making it a solid advertising solution for every business.Can’t wait for your business to get noticed? Order this inflatable advertising tube today without any delay and we will ship it right away, once your order is successfully placed.

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Order 10ft Green Tube Inflatable at BannerBuzz. This high strength polyamide nylon silk & tarpaulin tube is paired with a 12-inch diameter blower. Free shipping over $99. Purchase Green Tube from through links and I may receive a commission. Get Green Tube today.Click BUY NOW.