Hanging Sneeze Guard – Clear Vinyl


Hanging sneeze guard- An end-to-end solution with clear vinyl panels + hardware The best way to keep your customers, employees, and visitors safe from airborne viruses is to install such accessories that enforce physical distancing. This clear vinyl hanging sneeze guard can successfully help you achieve that in your budget. The post-Corona world needs to adopt various safety supplies to carry on usual day-to-day operations. Right from implementing protective shields to maintaining social distancing to mandating the use of face masks. Everything is equally crucial to stop the spread of this deadly pandemic. What makes this clear protective shield ideal for your workplace, business space, retail store, pharmacy, clinics, sales counters, restaurant tables to receptions, and more?The panels act as a guard that enforces physical distancing between two peopleThe clear vinyl panels are transparent, making the communication clear and easyThe hardware including the top & bottom clamp bars, 2 Wall Roofs Brackets attached with Aluminum wire hanging strings 2 pcs (3FT), 4 Side End Caps is included in the package, making it a ready-to-use solution at a very budgeted priceThe panels are constructed of PVC clear vinyl 580 GSM (+/- 10 GSM) material, which is very durable There are five different sizes to choose from to suit your space needsThe lightweight yet sturdy shield can be easily suspended from ceiling, trusses, or beams It allows easy exchange of money or products from beneath of the panels and you can adjust the height of the panels to increase or decrease this space based on your needsThese are designed to withstand years of useMultiple features that make this vinyl hanging sneeze guard ideal for your office or business space. Installing these in multiple numbers within your premises will make your customer or one-to-one interactions comparatively safer throughout your premises. You can pair these sneeze guard shields with more COVID-19 safety equipment like touch-free dispenser stands to make your space a highly safe place to shop, work, communicate, and do more.Place your order now and we’ll deliver it to your doorstep as soon as possible. Hang it above your billing counters, work stations, restaurant tables, bar counters, or elsewhere and get back to work/business safely.

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Clear Vinyl Hanging Sneeze Guard with Top and Bottom Clamp Bars, 2 Wall Roofs Brackets attached with Aluminum wire hanging strings 2 pcs, and 4 Side End Caps at $33.80. Free shipping too! Purchase Hanging Sneeze Guard – Clear Vinyl from BannerBuzz.com through links and I may receive a commission. Get Hanging Sneeze Guard – Clear Vinyl today.Click BUY NOW.