Inflatable Tube Man 9″ Regular Blower (For 6ft)


What is an Inflatable Tube Blower?Inflatable tube regular blower is one of the most crucial components of an inflatable tube dancer. The air from these blowers is used to power advertising inflatable tubes, which in turn provides motion to it. So, basically the wiggly-wavy or any other kind of motion that an inflatable tube or sky dancer needs, comes from these air blowers. This blower is attached to the bottom of the inflatable air tubes. On plugging the blower, air starts blowing into the inflatable tube. Depending upon the blower horsepower, it can power different heights of inflatables. This 9″ regular inflatable blower is designed to be used for small business advertising and event promotions with limited space. It can bring your 6ft wacky, waving inflatable promotional product to life in no time. The blower is extremely portable and light in weight.Features a Metal Top & Bottom HousingOur inflatable tube man 9″ Regular Blower is made using a heavy-duty and long-lasting metal. This construction makes it a very solid blower that is built to work tirelessly in a dry area. This blower unit comes with the best price guarantee and long-lasting warranty.NOTE: This is a regular blower and is not intended to be used in rain or damp areas. We also offer weather-resistant blowers that are designed to withstand external elements like water, humidity. Etc. Buy this air inflatable tube man blower by BannerBuzz, featuring ¼ horsepower, 115v/60hz power, and 1 speed. Please remember, this sky dancer blower is compatible with any 6ft sky Dancers attachment. Place your quick order now and we’ll deliver this ready-to-ship air blower in the shortest quick turnaround time. Don’t forget to choose priority shipping if you want this urgently.

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