Infusible Ink Freehand Markers, Brush Tip, Tropical (5 ct)


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Go freestyle in bold brush strokes! Artists and calligraphers of all ages can hand draw with these Infusible Ink™ brush tip markers and then see their artwork come to life as it permanently transfers to T-shirts, tote bags, and more. This set of markers is a dream gift for pen & ink artists. And, of course, kids love to see their masterpieces made into a memorable gifts for any occasion.

What is the Infusible Ink process? Unlike iron-on transfers or heat-transfer vinyl that adheres to your project's surface, Infusible Ink designs become one with your compatible material, resulting in rich, full-color transfers that last a lifetime. Get a smooth, durable, premium finish that's always flake-proof, peel-proof, and wash-proof. Personalize and customize any compatible Infusible Ink blank with your name, your favorite logo, or an inspirational phrase that speaks to you. You've never done DIY like this before.

How it works:

  1. Draw design using Infusible Ink Freehand Markers on laser copy paper.
  2. Choose a compatible Infusible Ink blank (sold separately).
  3. Transfer design with Cricut EasyPress.

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