Merry Christmas Feather Flags 1.55 x 5.5 Ft (Double Sided)


Feather Flags: Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat are Feather Flags?Feather flags are the perfect display solutions for your advertising and marketing events. Feasible to be displayed both indoors and outdoors, the flag banners or feather flags can withstand windy conditions. They are available in different sizes to meet your brand’s aspirations. The flag comprises durable 110 GSM flag fabric, carbon composite fiberglass hardware, and sturdy cross/spike base for a perfect balance and display. They are highly preferable in sports events, promotional campaigns for an upcoming football match, soccer league, or even brand promotional events. Feather flags are the perfect attention-getters as they hold an attractive shape and design to catch the attention of everyone around. How can I attach a feather/banner to the flag?They are easy to set up. Black pole pocket at the left side of the pole is provided to fix the flag banner easily. Three different durable bases come along with this product to give it a stable and long-lasting display. You can select – Spike base, cross base or cross base with water bag. The base adds much durability and resilience to the flag feather. Both spike and cross base are available with equal base and holder diameter i.e., 13.5 mm and 16.5 mm respectively. Do you provide graphics for both sides of the flag?Yes, we provide single and double-sided graphics. You have to select the side option’ from the feather flag’s product page to upgrade the product for double-sided prints. Please note: Double-sided prints/graphics require a minimal cost upgrade.Are they perfect for windy locations? Do you provide tools for enough balance?

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