Office Tabletop Desk Divider Sneeze Guard – Clear Acrylic (4 person)


Secure Your Office Tables With Office Table Top Desk Divider Sneeze GuardsConstructed from premium-quality plexiglass acrylic material, these durable and portable tabletop desk divider sneeze guards will turn any usual table into a partitioned space that can be used by 4 individuals simultaneously yet safely. One of the clear panels is half cut in the center from the top and the other one is half cut in the center from the bottom, allowing them to intersect just in the middle. Thus, creating four sectioned areas of one table. The high tear-resistance of more than 1016 Ohm makes this sneeze guard divider highly durable. The quality panels will not damage your tabletop in any way. This tabletop desk divider for 4 people is suitable for office tables, conference tables, and other workplace tables. It will help you create individual spaces for your employees and reduce the risk of the spread of any aerosol viruses. It can also help you achieve reduced workplace disturbances by creating private workstations, yet allow clear communication with the help of transparent acrylic panels. This divider is as of now available in one standard size, which will work for most of the office tables. Ordering in bulk will help you save big. These 5 mm thick clear panel dividers ensure stability, safety from airborne infections, and also prevent disturbances. During and after the COVID-19, workplace team meetings, conferences, and workstations will no more be the same. Workplaces will have to adopt such safety measures to ensure the safety of their employees, clients, customers, and everyone. And this office tabletop divider sneeze guard is an easy and economical way to add safe touches to your existing tables and desks.To place your order, just add the quantity above and click on the add to cart button. These ready to ship and in-stock office sneeze guards will be shipped for FREE and delivered to your doorstep in the quickest possible time.

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