Please Maintain Distance Window Clings


Please Maintain Distance’ Window Clings- A must-have window sign for every workspace/businessMake your windows a lot more useful by installing informative window clings that work for your business/workspace. Clings and window stickers can be used to promote offers, boost sales, pass on useful information, share details, etc. These please-maintain-distance window clings are designed and printed to promote and support the idea of social distancing at public places. The messaging can help prompt others to maintain a certain distance while they queue up at a store or are out in a public space. You can use this social distancing window sign at your business or workspace to ensure that your customers, clients, workers/employees maintain distance at all times even while interacting with each. Made using a clear white PVC material, these window clings feature full Color, 720DPI, Eco-solvent Printing. The premium material, bold colors, crisp design, and quality printing altogether make this cling a perfect tool for promoting COVID-19 related information. You can find more COVID-19 signages and social distancing window clings to make your point even more impactful. Wait no more and place your order now to get 15%off + free shipping on this please-maintain-distance window cling.

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Order Please Maintain Distance' window clings to prompt everyone to maintain a safe distance. Get 15% off + free shipping on this and more COVID-19 signages. Explore & order now! Purchase Please Maintain Distance Window Clings from through links and I may receive a commission. Get Please Maintain Distance Window Clings today.Click BUY NOW.