Rent Me Inflatable Tube Man


Grab renters’ attention with Rent me Inflatable Tube ManRenting a house is not an easy task for anyone. Finding a suitable location with a comfortable home with all the amenities that renters look for in a rental house, and in a budget that fits in everyone’s pocket, can give migraine to anyone’s head. On the other hand, finding an ideal tenant with a clean image and background, who can pay the rent on time, is a risky business for property owners as well. Our red rent-me inflatable tube man with a whopping height of 20ft tall and “Rent Me” letters embroidered in the front view, is a perfect display unit to help property owners and tenants find each other. We at Bannerbuzz, have a culture to help businesses advertise effectively and reach new customers with our inflatable tube man characters including orange inflatable tube man, lunch special inflatable tube man, wildcat inflatable tube man mascot, lion inflatable tube man mascot, blowout sale inflatable tube man, tax services inflatable tube man blue, and many more. The overwhelming task of selling homes can mean thousands of dollars in commission for realtors. Giving them everything you have to help foster strong relations with sellers and buyers is not a budget-friendly move. To reduce these additional investments focused on customer generation, you need to go for affordable yet effective marketing strategies that don’t include realtors yet ensure you a competitive edge in the market. Our rent me inflatable tube man is a great product to have at your rental business to achieve these goals. Not only is it inexpensive to buy or easy to order online, but it is a largely attractive and result-oriented advertising tool that many businesses can utilize. This inflatable will pay off your marketing efforts and bring new tenants at your doorstep who are looking for a rental house. You will start experiencing a rapid inflow of interested visitors within a few weeks. You can browse through the specifications of our rent me inflatable tube man. The material we use for construction of our inflatable are of high quality, unlike the cheaper imitations, thus, our prices reflect our quality work. We use high strength polyamide nylon silk w/ added tarpaulin for the upper body. The added tarpaulin brings added flex properties that extend the lifespan of the product, making it unaffected by harsh weather conditions, UV rays, rainfall or pollution emission. The bottom is constructed with 600D PVC/Nylon for extra supports and strength. Our red-colored rent me inflatable tube man comes with an electric fan air blower with a diameter of 18 inches, which will help you inflate the product in no time. They are also easy to inflate, just plug the air blower to a reliable power supply and switch it on. They are machine washable.       

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