Restaurant Tabletop Desk Divider Sneeze Guard – Clear Acrylic (4 person)


Creating a Safe Dining Experience at Every table of Your Restaurant is a Restaurant Tabletop Desk Divider Sneeze Guard Away!Welcoming back your diners will not be the same as it was before the COVID pandemic. It’s time to get equipped with various safety tools to give a sense of safety to everyone who walks into your doors, including your employees and customers. These restaurant tabletop desk divider sneeze guards are designed, especially for restaurant tables to help you create a safe dining experience. These high-quality, ready-to-use plexiglass acrylic barriers are highly durable and portable. The transparent panels boast a clear view, making it easy for diners to communicate and enjoy their company while staying at a safe physical distance. These ready-to-use panels will take you only a few minutes to install these on your restaurant tabletops. You will be able to create partitioned space for 4 people on every table in minutes without any professional help or tools. Both the panels are half cut in the center- one from the top and the other one from the bottom, allowing them to intersect just in the middle. Hence, creating four sectioned areas on one table. These acrylic panels will not damage your tabletop in any way.  Once installed, your customers, employees, and everyone else within your premises will be less prone to any aerosol viruses. BannerBuzz restaurant table top desk dividers are currently available in one standard size, which will work for most of the restaurant tables. Also, bulk discounts apply to these sneeze guard barriers. Order this restaurant safety essential and get ready to welcome back your diners with pride and joy. To place your order, add the quantity above and click on the add to cart button. Avail FREE SHIPPING and fast doorstep. 

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