S Shape Pillow Case Backdrop


Do you want to display your product or services through a unique item? Do you want to catch the eye of your customers by opting for a display strategy which is singularly unique and interesting enough to draw your potential clients?

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When it comes to marketing your product or service offering, the only way to differentiate yourself from the competition is to opt for a display option which will present it in a bold way, turning heads! While regular banners and stands are good and successful display options, an S shaped pillow case backdrop steals the show easily with its unique display style!S Shaped Backdrop Display- An Eye-Catching Option!An S shaped pillow case backdrop is an item which offers a great chance for you to present your offering in a way that will surely turn heads and attract the crowd! And that is exactly your goal with the product marketing strategy.With an appealing S shape, this custom printed fabric backdrop display is a great choice to showcase your product in exhibitions, conventions, as well as retail shops and any other place you want, to draw the attention of your potential market.This display item is a great option because it is available in a variety of sizes and presents your promotional banner in a singular style. Your promotional banner is wrapped around the s shaped stand, stretched across the frame. The stand of this custom printed fabric backdrop is made of lightweight and highly portable sturdy frames, which are manufactured from ionized tubing, constructed to the exact specifications of the client.Instead of presenting your banner with a simple stand, why not go the extra mile and make some effort to project your service banner in a way that it would be the center of everyone’s attention!Make the right choice with an s shaped backdrop display and project a wrinkle-free large sized banner for all to admire!What We Offer You With Our Backdrop Banner Printing!We understand just how important it is to stand out from the crowd and the need to present your products through the best possible means. Our s shaped pillow case backdrop is just the thing you need to present your banner to a large crowd of potential customers.Project a wrinkle free banner, complete with high resolution detail imaging for all to see, in the size of your choice! Our lightweight s shape stands ensure easy portability and enable you to move around the display until you are perfectly satisfied with the results!We offer you the backdrop banner printing in the size of your choice!Our product specification features include:An s shaped backdrop stand in the size of your choice. You can choose a stand size which is 6, 8 or 10 ft in height.The stand comes with a 1mm thick of aluminum tubing, which comes with heavy duty connectors with an internal spigot mechanism.Banner material is wrinkle free fabric which can easily be folded for portability.Banner graphics are smooth and attractive, using dye sublimation graphic printing.No need of any tool for installation.The banner comes with a hidden zipper for easy wrapping around the s shaped stand and covers it just like a pillow.The stand has a connector tube which can be joined to construct the actual shape of the display stand, and is easily detachable, allowing it to be stowed away in a bag for easy portability of your backdrop display.Each set of the s shaped pillow case display backdrop, includes:A lightweight, wave line, s shaped aluminum frame in the size of your choice.A travel carrying bag for easy portability.With this custom printed fabric backdrop, you can also get a trolley case if needed, for extra charge.To begin the backdrop banner printing process, please send us your artwork in a JPEG, PDF, EPS, CDR format having a CMYK. You can email us your artwork if the file is smaller than 4 MB or we can download your file from a file transfer website of it is too big.

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Our S-shape custom printed backdrop offers high resolution printing on quality fabric. Visit us online to learn more about our backdrop banner printing. Purchase S Shape Pillow Case Backdrop from BannerBuzz.com through links and I may receive a commission. Get S Shape Pillow Case Backdrop today.Click BUY NOW.

Read the review of S Shape Pillow Case Backdrop here.