School Desk Sneeze Guard


Protect School Students From Cough, Sneeze, and Airborne Viruses with School Desk Sneeze GuardsSafeguard teachers and students from airborne diseases by installing these clear-acrylic school desk sneeze guards in the classrooms. Installed on desks, these guards can provide an added layer of protection to the Students and Teachers. They act as divider barriers that can keep students safe from direct communication with one another or the teachers. We are offering these guards in three different sizes. The smaller ones can work perfectly for the student desks, whereas the larger sizes can be used for board meetings, teachers’ desks, and conference tables. Protective Full 3-Sided School Desk Sneeze GuardsThese clear acrylic plexiglass sneeze shields allow the teachers and the students to see clearly through it. Hence, not disrupting the visibility in any way. These sneeze shields offer a budgeted way to protect Teachers and Students as it prevents the spread of bacteria and germs. The rounded corners extend added protection to the students. Plus, its stable and secure fit makes it a workable safety tool. Once ordered, you will receive your package, which includes 3 clear acrylic panels- 1 front panel and 2 side panels. The elbow cutout is designed to allow unrestricted movement of arms while using the school desk for various class activities. Order your school sneeze guard shields in multiple numbers to make all your classrooms safer for the kids. Ordering in multiple numbers will further help you save even bigger as we are offering various bulk quantity discounts, which you can find listed above. These ready-to-ship COVID-19 sneeze guard shields will be shipped as soon as possible once you have placed your order. If you are looking for more similar safety supplies, please keep browsing our wide range of signages. 

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