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Sneeze Guard for Desk- Get Equipped to Cope-Up With the COVID-19 AftermathFor anyone unsure about the usability of a sneeze guard- it is a barrier made using a clear plastic/glass and is used to prevent the spread of aerosol viruses and infections. Germs that tend to spread via air can be stopped by installing cough and sneeze guards at counters, tables, desks, and workstations. These Sneeze Guards for Desks’ are intended to be used at workstations or office desks. Installing them in multiple numbers throughout the entire premises at all desks is the best way to cut down any chances of contamination.Each of our sneeze guard for desk’ is made of clear acrylic material, which is also referred to as Plexiglas material. This transparent guard is lightweight, durable, scratch-resistant, and tear-resistant. If you order this shield barrier, you will receive a set of 3 clear acrylic panels- 1 front panel and 2 side panels. Extremely easy to install, these panels will take just a few seconds to turn any regular desk into a sneeze safe desk. The transparent acrylic barrier makes communication easy and safe at the same time. Plus, the rounded corner and glossy finish add to the overall appearance of the sneeze shield, hence adding a personality to your desk.Easy to Install, Convenient to Use and Maintain Sneeze Guards for DesksBannerBuzz sneeze guard for desk is constructed from 5 mm thick Cast Acrylic (Clear) material, resulting in a durable plexiglass shield. It weighs 5550 GSM, which makes it easy to install and move from one desk to the other conveniently. Plus, a tensile strength of 760 kg/cm2 and tear-resistance of  >=1016 Ohm makes it a highly robust and long-lasting safety tool. These clear panels can be easily cleaned using a soft cloth and glass cleaner. Above all, it is a highly inexpensive preventive equipment that can effectively keep your employees, visitors, student, or staff safe from year-round viral infections. If you have been looking for budgeted safety tools for your facility desks to get back to work during/after COVID-19. Then, go ahead and order this desk sneeze guard now. Get free shipping (only till offer lasts) on ordering these sneeze shields now.

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