Social Distancing Saves Lives Floor Decals


Reinforce the importance of Social distancing with Social distancing Saves Lives’ floor decalIn the middle of the pandemic, it’s the preventive measures that can help stop its spread. This floor decal is one of our COVID-19 signages, pre-designed, and pre-printed to help you with a quick and effective advertising solution to promote distancing. If you have been looking for a budgeted and effective tool to support and promote distancing at your store, office, business space, clinic, hospital, or even personal space. Then, this is a great tool, to begin with. You can even pair this social distancing saves lives floor decal with our other social distancing signages to reinforce it in the best possible way. With or without this decal, it is of utmost importance that you promote and support various Corona preventive and awareness methods. It’s time for everyone to do their bit, and this pre-printed, ready-to-ship floor decal does that for you at a very budget price and in the most convenient way possible. To support you further, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all our Corona signages. Act now and place your order to make your space a safer zone by installing this outdoor floor decal right outside your space, at your entrance, and even inside your store or facility. 

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Order ready-to-ship floor decal with Social distance saves lives message pre-printed on it. Get free shipping on all COVID-19 signages. Offering safe doorstep delivery of social distancing floor decal. Purchase Social Distancing Saves Lives Floor Decals from through links and I may receive a commission. Get Social Distancing Saves Lives Floor Decals today.Click BUY NOW.