SportFlex Iron on, Seafoam


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Only from Cricut. Made especially for activewear, SportFlex Iron-On????? features the StrongBond????? Guarantee* for long-lasting iron-on results that stick. Run, swing, kick, dance, do that cobra pose, and more: this flexible, stretchable iron-on material bends with the body and keeps uniforms and team gear lightweight. Customize team jerseys, or embellish uniforms, caps, yoga tops, leggings, and more. SportFlex Iron-On is highly recommended for tech fabrics like polyester and nylon. Use with all Cricut cutting machines.

Care Instructions
Allow 24 hours after application before washing.
Wash and tumble dry inside out.
Do not bleach.
If you need to iron, only iron on the backside of the garment.

*Cricut stands behind its iron-on products with the Cricut StrongBond????? Guarantee when used and applied as directed.

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