Take Away Parking Only Parking Signs


Guide your customers to your takeaway spot with this takeaway parking signThe current pandemic has led many restaurants and food outlets to adopt takeaway and curbside services. It has become a preferred and much safer choice for all the businesses that are operating during this health scare. But how do you communicate it to your customers/visitors? You need parking signs to guide them to your take away spot. This takeaway parking only parking sign is one of the things you need to run your operations smoothly.  Just install this sign in front of your specific parking area and let it guide your customers. Keeping your customers informed without much face-to-face intervention is the need of the hour. So, installing such parking signs is a long-time investment that will help you now and in the new-normal life that will follow the post Coronavirus phase.These pre-printed and ready-to-ship signs offer you with a quick and budgeted solution to promote your takeaway parking area. Once installed, this sign will make it easy for you to navigate your customers to the reserved parking area. Henceforth, making your premises a much organized and safer location for food takeaway. Quick Choice of Mounting Options, Custom Sizes, and UV PrintingTo suit different budgets and advertising needs, we offer a flexible choice of additional features like sizing, mounting options, and UV printing. You can either pick one of the pre-defined sizes or add your custom parking sign dimensions. Also, you have the flexibility to get your sign UV printed at a very minimal price. Doing so will ensure the best color match, plus longer-print life of your printed vinyl graphics. Lastly, you can finish your sign by choosing the preferred mounting options based on your sign installation needs. Quick and effective communication is what every business needs the most during these challenging times. It is why we have designed and pre-printed a whole range of COVID-19 signages to meet the different advertising needs of small businesses. Explore more signages to find a perfect one for your business or order this one if you have been looking for similar takeaway signage for your parking area. 

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