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Custom Teardrop Flags-  An Advertising Flag Just The Way You Want!Looking for a custom flag to display at your storefront or for an event? Teardrop flags, here at BannerBuzz, are the best solution for your personal flag advertising needs. They are different from the typical feather flags and blade flags in many ways. The biggest and the most prominent feature that sets it apart is its shape. The tautness of this graphic flag makes it ideal for windy areas because its design prevents it from moving with the wind. Thus, keeping the flag looking crisp and neat at all times. From picking one of the 5 different sizes to choosing Pantone (PMS) color match to the choice of single or double-sided printing- we allow you to customize your flag printing in many ways. Also, the personalization feature helps you to get your logo/personal message/artwork printed on your flag. We also offer you professional design and printing assistance that further helps you in increasing the impact of your flag messaging.Teardrop Flags- Not Just Quirky But Resilient Against the Winds Too!The unique design of a Teardrop Flag is capable enough of garnering the attention of the people who walk past it. Not just that! Its shape and design ensure that you do not have to constantly adjust it during the winds. For this reason, custom flags in a teardrop shape are greatly preferred for outdoor advertising. For instance, they are often used as permanent advertising fixtures outside retail stores to promote holiday sales or product launches.  They are also popularly used at the beaches, which is why they are also referred to as beach flags. Teardrop banner flags can enhance your company’s presence by adding an eccentric touch to your outdoor promotion campaign. They are designed to withstand moderate weather conditions and are a great medium of outdoor advertising. However, they look and work equally great when used indoors. Thus, adding a versatile feature to this inexpensive advertising tool. Overall, this advertising flag is sure to offer you the best value for your money. To understand the complete details, please check out the product specifications tab. Order. Install. Flag. Advertise! Go on, start customizing your order. We assure you a long-lasting solution with our premium hardware, flag pole, and fabric. Forget the hassle of toppling flags or flapping sound with this teardrop design. Place your order and we promise to deliver it to your doorstep in the shortest turnaround time.  Once you have it, fix the flag on sand, grass, and even snow. Tip: The cross base works great on pavement or concrete without making the flag topple over.Teardrop Flag Banners: Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat are Teardrop banner flags made of?Our teardrop banner flags are constructed using premium Flag Fabric, which weighs 90 GSM. The hardware material is made using Carbon Composite Fiber Glass. Can I use your Teardrop banner templates for free? Yes, absolutely! We offer tons of free design templates for all our custom signages. Quickly dig through the available templates and get inspired to create your own design or edit anyone that matches your design needs.Where can I find Teardrop flags near me? Looking for local vendors online is the best way to go about it. It will help you to find multiple vendors in less time while helping you compare their services, turnaround time, pricing, and other detailed specifications. Just to let you know that we at BannerBuzz also offer high-quality custom flags in various shapes, sizes, and styles. Plus, we offer price guarantee and FREE SHIPPING too. Please take a quick look at our teardrop flags. Difference between teardrop flags and other flagsFlags can be printed in various shapes. Feather flags, blade flags, and standard rectangular flags are some of the most popular forms besides teardrop. The major difference between teardrop shape flag vs. its counterparts is its tautness, which comes from its unique shape and design. The tautness also prevents it from flowing with the wind, making it the most preferable choice for windy areas. How long do teardrop flags last?When cared properly, a high-quality flag can last for about 2 years. It is advisable to wash the flag with mild liquid detergent. You can choose a detergent that is meant for washing delicate items. Also, refrain from using a washing machine as much as possible because it may harm the knitting of the fabric. Are our teardrop flags prone to outdoor elements?Most of the flag fabrics can withstand moderate outdoor conditions. Banner Flags like the teardrop are designed to tackle different external conditions like winds, rain, and sun. However, constant exposure to harsh weather conditions can decrease its lifespan. Constant exposure to sun, rain, or snow can result in the fading of printed colors or even damage it permanently. It is advisable to take down your teardrop banner in the event of harsh impending weather. Please store the flag in a clean and dry place and put it back when the weather is normal again. What are teardrop flags used for?Teardrop-shaped flags are most commonly used for promotional purposes like store promotions. They can be used to announce grand-openings or bring the attention of event visitors towards a particular booth within the event venue. These flags are also quite popular in the food industry for promoting stand-out menu items. From sponsor signages to being used as beach flags, there are multiple ways you can bring them to work. What are the teardrop flagpole base options?Cross base and spike base are two of its common flagpole options. When using the cross base flag stand, you can opt for the water bag too. The water bag acts as additional weight and is kept on the cross base to increase its stability. If your flag vendor is offering across the base, he is most likely to offer pre-built water bags for it too.

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