This Sink is for Hand Washing Only Acrylic Signs


Professionally Designed Handwashing Sink Only Acrylic Signs Utmost hygiene and prevention must be attained at public sites by installing highly effective methods and interactive display materials for perfect awareness. If we shed light on the scenarios being prevailing due to COVID-19, every corporate and business house must adhere to safety measures that are recommended by the law. Differently designed signage at the entryway, storefront, and within the premises of your business site would bring in a lot of awareness and information to stay protected in every possible way. We have introduced variants in acrylic signs that can efficiently be used in hospitals, clinics, and other public sites to spread the word loud about the specified message.Here, the Handwashing Sink Only Acrylic Signs call for a must mention as they are highly required and in demand because of the rising spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Designating a specific sink space for handwashing practice at hospitals, clinics, business houses, offices, stores, and other public locations would be a great initiative towards maintaining utmost hygiene and germ-free protection. As the Coronavirus has made us all realized the importance of washing hands after every 20 minutes, our pre-designed acrylic signs would aid in maximum awareness on various precautionary measures. Along with the handwashing signs, there are other acrylic signs whose graphics represent various awareness and precaution tips to be followed in this crucial phase of COVID-19. Those pre-designed graphics are Keep Out COVID-19 Quarantine Area, PPE Required Beyond This Point, COVID-19 Screening this Way, and more are available to match up your various requirements.Built to last, our acrylic signs have been made out of durable cast acrylic material. Acrylic signs comprise four different mounting options that make the installation task simpler and appear to be eye-catching too.  Pre-designed acrylic signs are available with a hanging kit at a minimal charge to ease the installation process. Glossy finish, direct UV printing on the substrate, different sizes, and many more specifications are available that turn the vitality of the product to a great extent.

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