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White Face Masks: Comfortable, Breathable, and Reusable 2-Ply MasksAs workplaces, businesses, and schools head back to work, personal safety essentials become a necessity for everyone. The most essential personal safety tool is the face mask. When it comes to everyday use, breathable cotton masks are not just more breathable but a lot affordable and reusable too. These white face masks are high-quality cotton face masks that are washable, comfortable, and breathable. They keep a check on various airborne infections and viruses and prevent them from entering your nose and mouth. An ideal choice for heading to supermarkets, grocery shopping, workplace use, and more- these 2-ply solid white masks are the perfect reusable safety masks for everyone.How do these white face masks work?The 2-ply masks create a barrier on your mouth and nose by covering them properly from all the directions. This helps block airborne viruses and contaminations from landing directly on your mouth or nose. When worn, these masks will restrain you from touching your mouth or nose, cutting down any chances of virus transmission caused by touching. These solid white face masks for everyday use are made from cotton lycra fabric and do not include any filtering mechanism. So, they are not intended to be worn in a medical setting or a high-contamination zone. Also, these plain masks are competitively a budgeted alternative to expensive medical face masks. If you are looking for an affordable yet effective preventive tool for stepping out for work or personal purposes, these masks are a great choice in terms of safety, affordability, and reusability.  NOTE: These are non-medical masks and are not intended for medical use to prevent the virus. Looking for more face mask options? Please take a look at our custom face masks and face shields.

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