Yellow with Red Arms Inflatable Tube Man


Yellow with Red Arms Inflatable Tube Man- What is it and how it works?One of the most attractive marketing tools, this air tube man is sure to attract anyone with its vibrant colors and wavy motion. You can use it anywhere you want- from a car lot to an outdoor event. This wacky-wavy advertising tool is a tried and true way of garnering the attention of people at a bigger scale at a budgeted price. Especially, when you buy this air tube man at BannerBuzz, you are bound to save bigger because of our best price guarantee. This is one tool that can perfectly fit into any marketing budget. Its high impact has already made it incredibly popular with our customers from various business sectors, especially the automotive industry, including auto dealerships, service centers, etc. We construct this pre-printed and formulated Yellow with Red Arms Inflatable Tube Man’ with high strength polyamide nylon silk w/ added tarpaulin. The blower attached at the bottom is what constantly blasts air into the tube man. Blowers of different diameters are attached to support different sizes respectively. This results in a dynamic, non-interrupted wiggly-wavy motion of the inflatable tube man.Features of BannerBuzz Air Tube DancerIt is crucial to understand a few features of this dancing tube man if you intend to use it for your business. Please find below some of the top features of this dancing guy:It comes in two different sizes- 10ft / 20ft tall when inflated. Prefer the 10ft inflatable tube man if you have a space constraint. But in the case of open space that has no height limits, then the 20ft tall air tube man is a perfect choice to make.Our air tube dancer is made using the highest quality fabric that is designed to achieve dynamic motion and prevent discoloration.This Yellow with Red Arms Inflatable Tube Man is available at the best price online here at BannerBuzz. Also, the quick turnaround time and quality guarantee are sure to enhance your online ordering experience.The fabric of this air dancing man is specially treated to withstand the external elements.It is crucial to follow the care instructions to keep this tube man looking fresh, which is crucial to maximizing its eye-catching capabilities.Place your order and get ready to add this vibrant advertising tool to your business/commercial space and watch how it brings you all the attention you have been missing. To know more about this inflatable man or to get a custom inflatable tube man, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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