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Cricut BrightPad Review

Cricut Brightpad tracing

Cricut BrightPad Description

Cricut BrightPad™ is the brilliant crafting companion that illuminates projects for easier crafting and reduced eye strain. Use it for tracing, weeding, quilting, and more. It’s light, thin, and durable for comfort and portability. With its ultralow profile, you can trace sitting at a table or in your favorite chair. When weeding vinyl or iron-on, your design will be beautifully illuminated for quick and easy work. And paper piecing quilt blocks has never been easier! BrightPad makes crafting more enjoyable with its adjustable, evenly lit surface–use it for models, jewelry, needlepoint, and more. No more insufficient, overhead, or glaring light. Use BrightPad as your workspace, and make crafting simple. For use with US power outlets only.Cricut Brightpad

The brightpad is the right tool to do this work, I just love it. The light is so strong that ordinarily (i.e., when using standard writing paper) I crank it down to about half for comfort. I think it would work well for transferring sketches for painting, instead of using carbon paper. And at 32.5″ diagonally this thing is HUGE.  I bought this size because I did not want  my hand to move when writing. A size smaller just would not do the job. The surface is hard, easy to clean, and does not bleed color or ink. Great product!

I really like the adjustable light strength. Heavy-duty plastic grids come with it. Stays cool even after hours of use and the light is pleasing not harsh like the other brand. This one is exactly as advertised! I am not disappointed that I spent the extra money and purchased this product! I a.m. especially grateful for the 1 yr unconditional money back guarantee. Recommend highly!


  • Bright, uniform LED light
  • 5 brightness settings
  • Brightness settings, from lowest to highest, are at approximately 400, 1300, 2200, 3100, and 4000 lumens respectively
  • Lightweight, portable, and durable
  • 9 in. x 11.5 in. lit area
  • Nonslip base
  • 6 ft. USB power cord (must be plugged in during use; does not contain a rechargeable battery)

*”Hardness” refers to a material's resistance to being scratched. The higher the number on the hardness scale, the more scratch-resistant the material. The surface material of most other light box products on the market reaches only a 3.5H on the hardness scale.


  • Cricut BrightPad
  • 6-ft. USB power cord with US wall power adapter
  • Welcome booklet
  • Warranty


The lightweight, low-profile BrightPad™ makes crafting easier while reducing eye strain. It illuminates fine lines for tracing, cut lines for weeding, and more.

  • Lightweight, durable Cricut BrightPad™ in Mint with adjustable LED light
  • 5 brightness settings
  • 6H Hardness* Surface (scratch resistant)
  • 9 in. x 11.5 in. lit area
  • 6-ft. USB power cord with wall power adapter
  • Nonslip base for ease of use on desk or table
  • Must be plugged in during use; does NOT contain a rechargeable battery




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