Covid-19 Testing Please Wait in your Car Floor Decals


COVID-19 Testing Wait In Car’ Floor Decals- Encourage the visitors to stay in the car at your drive-through testing centerWith many people rolling up to drive-through COVID-19 testing centers, it’s of great importance to encourage them to stay in their car. You and your staff can’t communicate with everyone personally and ask them to stay in the car. Doing so might not be the safest way to deal with the situation and might also slow down the process. What you need is quick and effective tools that help you to communicate important messages to the visitors. Just like these COVID-19 Testing Wait In Car’ Floor Decals. Consider these adhesive decals as a quick safety measure that you can put in place to keep all your visitors and patients informed about staying in the car. Just paste these testing site floor decals all over your parking lot or drive-through area and advise everyone to follow the instructions. It’s simple, effective, and an economical solution.COVID-19 Testing Wait In Car decals- Pre-printed, Adhesive & ready-to-shipThe clear design & relevant messaging is easy to read and understand from a distance. The graphic colors have been chosen to bring attention to the decal easily. So, all you have to do is get these pre-adhesive stickers pasted on the ground and get ready to communicate. These floor stickers are perfect for outdoor use because they are constructed of a high-quality monomeric PVC material. This durable and resilient material can tackle various outdoor elements. However, to enhance its durability, we offer you the flexibility to get them UV printed. This will ensure a longer print life of these COVID-19 testing floor decals.We, at BannerBuzz, take pride in offering essential and inexpensive COVID-19 signages to health care facilities that are working tirelessly to defeat this pandemic. We aim to keep bringing you more relevant signages that can be of any help during this phase and beyond. Thanks for keeping everyone safe!

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