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CUTTING MATERIALS (Vinyl, Cardstock, Iron-On, Etc.)

VINYL– if you’re wanting to make signs, stickers for car windows, coffee mugs, and tumblers these are the products you’ll want.

  • Permanent Vinyl – great for projects you want to last, even though wear and tear
  • Removable Vinyl – great for projects you don’t want to last forever. Great for rentals and more!
  • Glitter Vinyl – removable vinyl with sparkle!
  • Dry Erase Vinyl– perfect for labeling
  • Chalkboard Vinyl – great for making calendars or also for labeling
  • Stencil Vinyl– use this if you want to make hand-painted signs or screen print shirts
  • Holographic Vinyl – same as basic vinyl but with different colors depending on the angle you’re looking at
  • Printable Vinyl– great for making stickers
  • Patterned Vinyl – From Mickey and Minnie to Star Wars, watercolor, and cute hippos, add some fun designs to your projects
  • Disney® Vinyl – From Disney® to Star Wars

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